The Methods in Using CorrLinks Program

To ease the loneliness inside the prison, Federal of Prisons issued CorrLinks as one of the fastest and convenient way for inmates to communicate with family and friends. They have a direct access to the system and email anyone they want as long as they are paying the 0.05$ per minute service fee at For those who are interested with the program, here are the ways on how it works:image

  1. The emails you might get with your CorrLinks inbox will include the unique identification code you obtained at the invitation email through the The code will normally compose of letters. Be sure that what email address you use on signing up is the same email address the invitation was sent.
  2. The system will email you an invitation together with the federal inmate name to tell you he or she likes to place you on the contact list. You can have the right to allow or reject it. However if you simply approve, you should sign up using an email address and also the code you received. This code will expire 10 days once the day it was sent. The inmate will repeatedly have a message to alert that you allowed the invites.
  3. To sign up, only navigate to the program homepage at It is important to set the identification code and email address to sign up. Making a password is also necessary. Password needs to include letters and numbers since it won’t be simple to figure. After enrolling, you should wait 20 to 40 minutes for the acceptance of your request.
  4. When you receive a Corrlinks inmate email on your own account and have established a message alert, this system will inform you in your email supplied. All messages may go via checking and could take 1 hour prior to get the

Visit now login page if you have your own account already.