Registering Online at Bank of America Website

For those who have a bank account number opened at Bank of America or BOA, you can manage your account now online. How? You can register your account number at the website of the bank. In this way, you can manage your account easily and do not need to go to the bank personally for some transactions that can be done online. You can transfer money online to other banks and pay utility bills. These are just the few benefits of creating online account. There are more for you to find out.

Once you have decided to enrol you account number, read the steps here as your guide for the account creation online.

  1. To begin with, browse the internet site of this bank at Try to look for the “Enroll Now” URL that could be found on the left side of the page and after that just click it. It’s easy to continue to setup your bank account online.
  2. You prefer to include the data essential on the web page. You have to pick out your state. Then, decide on the style of account you should apply and click the “Continue Enrollment”. If you select the “Bank of America Credit Card”, provide your credit card info.
  3.  You should also supply your Social Security System number, the account number you have on the bank, your existing and working email address and also the language choice you choose.
  4. You choose to read the agreement to start with before you actually accept by checking the checkbox. You need to again click on the “Continue Enrollment” to process the information and create your own account currently.
  5. Change your password immediately after you have received it on the email you have provided on the application process.

Follow the steps carefully and you can have your account now anytime and manage it through online. Just don’t share any sensitive information about your account. Make sure to keep it private. Employees must get their edd card at the website now.