Creating an Account with Chase Bank

Opening an account with Chase can be done in two ways now. You can do it by going to the bank or applying through online. Yes, it is possible now that you can apply through online. You can do it at your home and save a trip of going to the bank. But what method you choose will depend on where you are comfortable. There are people who are not so used doing things online that they have to do it manually. Read more here at There are those who can easily navigate their way to a site, first time or not. If you like to know the process on how to open an account with Chase, read the instructions below:

1.       The first thing to do when opening an account online is to visit the website of the bank and opt for a type of account perfectly fit for your status. There are many choices but most people pick out the Chase Checking account.

2.       Open the link “Open Now” so you can start the process. But if you are not comfortable doing it online, you can use the site to look for the nearest branch in your area where you can do the process of opening an account.

3.       Provide the information that the bank will let you fill out. They are just basic information which will be hidden from the public such as your full name, contact number, mailing address, date of birth and employment records.

4.       You will be asked to deposit initially for a minimum of $25. There are ways that you can deposit the money such as you can do it through online transfer with other bank, mail a check to the bank or visit the bank and deposit the money.

5.       Wait for your debit card and checks given after 10 business days of submission of information and depositing the initial amount.

These are the simple steps on how to open an account with Chase bank. Online banking now is open to all.