How to Make Inbox Search Easy?

Sometimes we tend to value emails that are given to us. As time goes by they pile and pile on our inbox. Then one day we want to read something or read some important documents that was to us long time ago. The hard part here is if you have thousands of email stored. You’ll going to spend the whole day browsing for that email through the thousands of piled messages on your inbox.

However in this short article, you’ll be able to check out a number of the simple guide that would be really handy to your account. Once you log into your email, enter the on the textfield the phrase “Search Mail” or you can go fast by pressing the “/”. Then, click key in along with a magnifying glass will appear. If you would like to select or narrow a result of your search, click the Show Search Options. In there you can enter the sender’s email address and also your email on the “From” field. It’s also possible to set the topic or a few sentence for the email. To read more about Gmail search, you could always become a member of this email service and look by yourself.

You can also select more the page while using label and check the content of the mail whether it has the attachment or not. You can use the attachment while you’re searching to make searching easier. Whenever you can remember the file name of the attachment, it’s going to be a lot better. The great thing about Gmail is usually that the messages that fit in on your spam and trash aren’t going to be included on the search. So, searching will likely be simpler and quicker in case you have countless emails on your own account.

For more information about searching your inbox easily you can visit Inbox Search help.

Our Life with Internet

Due to our recent technology today, internet now becomes one of the necessities in people’s life. They use internet in many ways and if internet is taken, there will be a global disaster. Most of our daily task depends on internet. We cannot imagine now how will life be without internet. Though we greatly depend on internet, there are still disadvantages it brings to the society. But despite the disadvantages, it will be vague to ban internet in people’s life now. Here in this article, you will learn some advantages and disadvantages on our life.

The Advantages of Internet

  1. Through internet we can communicate faster than we have thought. The newer invention makes it more reliable and convenient to talk to people, especially when it is important. It does not take now many days just for news to travel. As of the moment, five minutes is too long for news from other country to travel from other continents. It helps many businesses and people to transact easily.
  2. Internet is our main source now of information. When you want to know something, all you need is to open your computer and connect to your internet. There is a wide range of linking source in which you can obtain information.
  3. Instead of going out to shop, some of us just go over the internet to shop. It makes people convenient to buy things and the selections are even wider.

The Disadvantages of Internet

  1. Virus is everywhere on the internet. People are attacked by virus on the time they did not expect. Virus makes our computer crash.
  2. Identity theft. There are people who use internet to obtain personal information such as credit card information for their personal uses.
  3. Pornography. We sometimes cannot stop our children from seeing pornography on the internet because it is not controlled or very hard to control.